Marbella is one of the best-known cities in Malaga worldwide, becoming a travel destination for thousands of people both from Spain and abroad.

This city attracts the attention of so many people thanks to various factors such as its climate, its beaches, its leisure activities, restaurants and many more. It is the first choice of destination for those who are looking for beach, party, fun, exclusivity and in some cases luxury.

Marbella is reputed to be full of luxuries and internationally renowned shops where the predominant lifestyle is the exclusive mixed with the best party offers either in nightlife establishments or in beach clubs, but it offers activities that go beyond leisure and parties, also having cultural, natural, and historical spaces worth visiting.

Among the sites that are worth seeing in Marbella, is the old town, which offers some cultural interest. In these streets you can observe the Arab and Christian historical influences.

On its outskirts there are some archaeological sites such as the Roman villa of Rio Verde or the early Christian “basilica” of the plain of the sea, among many others.

Marbella has four nautical ports where some of the most exclusive yachts in the world are moored. Strolling through its nautical ports is a different experience due to the great naval variety they have. The best known port is Puerto Banus.

Among the many benefits that this city has, it is worth highlighting the climate. Marbella is protected by a strip of mountains that help create a microclimate that keeps temperatures at a very pleasant level where the heat is not very hot in summer and the cold is not so cold in winter. Its average annual temperature is 18 degrees. This attracts different people from all over the world, for example, people from northern Europe go to Marbella mainly in winter, because for them it is not a very hot and pleasant climate. In summer, it is more common for people from Asia or Morocco to go to Marbella because the heat is not as strong compared to where they live.