Mijas is a municipality located on the Costa del Sol; it is considered one of the most beautiful towns in Andalusia thanks to its white houses in perspective with the Sierra de Mijas where the green color contrasts.

The town is made up of three different parts, one is Mijas Pueblo, which is 430 meters above sea level. The lagoons which are a more modern part that is very close to Fuengirola and finally there is La Cala, located on the seafront. The part of the coast of the municipality is 12 km long, offering different types of beaches for all tastes.

Mijas is a town that attracts a large number of national and international tourists every year  thanks to its beauty and all the services it offers. Its labyrinth-style streets, its flowers and its viewpoints are just some of the charms that this area has to offer.

One of the peculiarities that Mijas has is that it offers people the opportunity to take donkey rides, competing with the typical tuk tuk rides.

Mijas is not only a beach, since it has beautiful natural spaces where you can take walks and enjoy the views of the flowerpots, which are mixed with the flowers that decorate the balconies of the town.

The town has emblematic sites of their own, such as the Hermitage of the Virgen de la Peña and the Mirador del Compas, since these sites offer unique views that you cannot get anywhere. There is also the castle of the walls which is an old castle that allows people to walk through its 15th century walls and stroll through its gardens. The latter, due to the visits it receives, was declared a site of cultural interest in 1985.